Sunday, January 13, 2013

Last look at the factory for the sick, shrouded in freezing fog.

Back home at last, after three and a half weeks in the mad house. The utter peace of it.

The first nights sleep was very fitful, still institutionalized from the hospital. Tiny snatches interspersed with visions & sounds of the institution: the constant glare of neon lights, the ever present doo-dee-doo bleeps of someones drip needing attention, my arm encased in Velcro & pumped tight to read blood pressure, the single high pitched note of the latest type of thermometer screaming in my ear; and of course the ever present sound of someone close by, coughing their heart out.

Waking at dawn in my own bed; how amazing. Alive for another day - a survivor. Listening to the world outside stirring: 6.40 am and the first cars go gently by, taking their owners to work; and just beyond the window somewhere, the beautiful quiet morning serenade of a Robin.

My friend is back


A while later I am discovered by my affectionate old 'Extrapuss' (back from her usual dawn adventures). She settles down on the bed between my knees, purring loudly & staring at me with half closed ecstatic eyes. Then the heavenly picture is complete. Flu racked & exhausted, Christine arrives with a morning cup of tea.

Now there's just this shadow of my former self to restore - down from 10 st to 8.5st. Looks like a lot of bananas, pasta, and Christmas cake ahead and some very slow shuffly walks by the two of us.


  1. Hello Rodger & Christine. So pleased to read this post. Batton down the hatches, stay inside (keep out of this cold weather) and enjoy munching through the food store. Lots of Love to you both. Marion-g

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